Sira No 
1In order to fulfill her professional roles and functions, she knows all the necessary theoretical and practical concepts and principles related to the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation and uses these to make the necessary evaluation, definition and planning for physiotherapy and rehabilitation practices.
2It embraces personal development, information literacy and lifelong learning; contributes to quality improvement, training and promotion programs related to the field, and demonstrates its professional behavior at an international level.
3Defines evidence-based practices and determines problem solving methods in cases requiring physiotherapy and rehabilitation, using relevant models and theories in health protection, development and care.
4Using her professional knowledge, she carries out professional and academic studies independently and works as a team member and assumes responsibility in effective communication and cooperation with other professional groups working in this field.(dişil)
5She has training and consultancy skills for the health education needs of the individual, family and society.
6Takes initiatives to protect public health; contributes to the production of health policies suitable for the changing and diversifying needs of the society in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
7Has up-to-date and effective communication skills.
8She has the ability to use health informatics technologies effectively, along with the ability to select and use modern tools, techniques and modalities required for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation applications.
9Performs literature searches on databases and information resources for health sciences; has the ability to access and use information, keeps records and prepares reports for quality service and research in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation; participates in all phases of research and project implementation.
10Using at least one foreign language, he/she follows the information in his/her field and communicates and cooperates with his colleagues at an international level.
11With her contemporary and professional identity, she is a role model to her colleagues and an example to the society in which she lives.
12Using the advanced knowledge and skills he has acquired, he applies the physiotherapy and rehabilitation program systematically and safely, in accordance with ethical principles and values, taking into account the universality of fundamental values ​​and social rights; terminates or changes when necessary.